Tuesday, July 25, 2006

losing ground

I'm losing ground
Well, you know how this world can beat you down
And I'm made of clay
I fear I'm the only one who thinks that way

I'm always falling down the same hill
bamboo puncturing this skin
and nothing comes bleeding out of me
Just like a waterfall
I'm drowning in

2 feet below the surface
I can still make out your face
and if I could just reach you
maybe I could leave this place

I do not want this
I do not want this
I do not want this
I do not want this

NIN, I Do Not Want This Posted by Picasa


Oliviah said...

Fractal Explorer, layered

Trée said...

Ooooooooh, digital sandscape or a view of a remote planet using unknown ocular view scopes to map topography and life indexes. Either way, a magnificent image. Your creativity, Oliviah, never ceases to amaze me. Love the lyrics. I'm going to have to give that song a listen now.

Love, hugs and kisses my dear. :-)

TotalChaos said...

Feelings of Hopelessness, done in Southwest Indian Sandpainting.

Dzeni said...

Wow!! I can see the image of a person in the shifting sands. Incredibly well done.

siege2050 said...

Truly beautiful work!

Oliviah said...

dzeni! You saw the person! woo hooo!

Michael said...

How did you know how I felt?

Take Care

Oliviah said...

aww...tosses you a hug


WOW! That is a beauty, an boy am I glad you are still here! Yesterday it seemed like everyone was just gone! THe blogs were a big ol blank page. Im glad you are not gone Oliviah! And the words - so heavy, so true, seems like lately everything is just confusing and there is too much going on to understand....

Oliviah said...

What a strange feeling. I just did a self-portrait. My hands are co-operating today so I figured I should get some sketching done. What a wierd feeling to see myself sketched by me, rather than someone else. Not sure how to describe the feeling.

Oliviah said...

chicy-chic! I thought some blog hijacking was going on! Whew, huh? So glad you are not gone too! Yes, the lyrics are pretty heavy. The way I have been feeling. Not a good weekend and it seems like my not-so-good weekend never ended. Here's a big hug just for you~~~

Evydense said...

You're not the only one who feels that way (from the lyrics). Check out what I wrote this morning coincidentally. Misery loves company sometimes, eh?! I'm glad to see that you're over it. And I agree with everyone else, this is a superb image. I saw the face too!! Candy bars for me.

royoolc - verification.

Oliviah said...

Those word verifications are funny,eh?


Trée said...

Oooh, I see the person now, or at least I think I do. Is that him or her in the lower middle holding up the world?

Your wish, my dear, by the way, is my command. No more sweating. :-D

Oliviah said...

Yay trée! ;)

DINK PINK said...


Oliviah said...

And to you!!