Wednesday, January 10, 2007

new computer

I have been to a few of your blogs--a very few--because for some reason my computer is going so slow it takes ages to just make a comment or go from page to page and I wonder if this is what using dial-up feels like. I gave up and decided to wait till everything is moved to my new computer. (And I pray that my new one is faster and that I lose nothing saved during the transfer.)

I hope everyone is well and happy. walking in Light even when darkness is all around.

Hugs and smoochies!


Monday, January 08, 2007

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I tried to post a different flame on New Year's Day but it didn't work for some reason. This week has been a good week as far as being able to maintain focus but it seems like I can only do it in one area, excluding pretty much everything else. Someone called it "not being able to multi-task". I guess you could call it that. But to me, it feels like I "wander off" and get lost. I wish I had more control over this. It's scary. I remember reading what it feels like to a person in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, the fear and the confusion and such. I took care of a woman with Alzheimer’s and it was very, very difficult...and frankly, it frightened me to think what it had felt like for her (for me) to watch your memory disintegrate and the fear. She would wander. Without someone watching vigilantly over her literally round the clock, anything could have happened to her. The past week or so I have been able to maintain clarity & focus but just in one thing at a time. I'd like to say that I am back, that I will be posting regularly again but I can't say that because I don't know if I will wander off in my mind to some other thing and forget blogspot is even here. There is a residual guilt about this. I can't control it, yet I feel guilty of abandoning all of you...and you are all precious. I got lost in stumbleupon for a while and I thought I was going to get lost in making flames again but it feels like I am going to be sketching again. Probably a good thing, to get lost in that for a while. I made an effort to stay focused on fractals but who am I kidding. My mind wanders off like it is some other entity that lives in me and I can't control. I just wish I could stay in all these "worlds" at one time without getting utterly confused and overwhelmed. I realize as I read over this that even though the words seem clear (I think) and focused, that is not the state I am in. I am lost and this is just some more wandering. I wonder if this fractal is going to look right when it's posted. It is cropped. It doesn't look like a happy New Year fractal, just a blurry sliding around feeling to me so I guess it is an appropriate expression of where I am at. Sliding around and about, no direction and disconnected from you all and from myself. Sometimes I like it, the wandering, other times it scares me because it feels like I have little control. I am glad you all are still there. There is a lot of comfort in that.