Tuesday, September 26, 2006

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Day Dreamer said...

Cosmic Mardi Gras. Stunning.

Sherri said...

What do you see in this fractal? I see a party and I am round circle trying to get into that circle. Is that a weird feeling?

Mile Stones said...

Your art beckons from some place "beyond", where time and and the material have ceased to exist, so words attempting to describe invariably make no sense. That just leaves it as a different, valuable experience for this visitor!
Except on days like yesterday, when it was impossible to post comments on a lot of blogs...:(

Oliviah said...

Not sure why, but when I posted this one, the one I had posted last disappeared.

Cosmic Mardi Gras! Sounds like fun!

Sherri! but you ARE the party! ~hugs you~ BTW, I have dreams like you described. They are no fun.

mile stones...what a great name! Thank you for your comment, it made my day!