Saturday, February 24, 2007

Once more the eastern skies
Grow pale with morning, till the dawn arise,
Whom the sun follows after, and comes forth
Bazing and bright again
And with his ardent beams,
His shining streams of light,
Floods all your summits and the ethereal plain

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Trée said...

Oh my Oliviah, this is just absolutely gorgeous. My imagination is in overdrive thinking what sort of planet this could be, who lives there, or I could just sit and stare at the pure beauty of this fractal. I could write chapters upon chapters with this image. Hope and trust you are doing well. Take care my Beautiful Soul.

Oliviah said...

This one made me think of you and the fantabulous tale you are weaving. This was made with a script (just out today) called Planetoid, by Thomas. It does look like a very beautiful and mysterious planet. I like thinking about what this world would be like, what kind of people, if they war and hate or use their passions for love, if they have passion at all...but this view of the planet itself seems to suggest that even if the inhabitants themselves somehow do not, the planet itself does.

Hugs and Smoochies!

Wontar said...

Oliviah, I really dig this image, but I just couldn't help myself... :)

Oliviah said...

Wontar...that was great! Now THAT is one cool image indeed! :)

tsduff said...

Oliviah - you may not be one to post very often, but when you do, WOWSA! I thought of this as the earth, with the poem beneath it painting a picture of the dawn... that is just a pleasure to look at.
Best wishes to you today.

Autumn Storm said...

Wow, Oliviah, that is such a beautiful image, the colours are out of this world! Mystical, it does, as was written, evoke curiosity, make one wonder what would be beneath such an atmosphere.

Hugs to you, xo