Friday, May 11, 2007

Fractal Explorer with Texture, Upside down

Am I rightside up or upside down?
Is this real or am I dreaming?

Dave Matthews, (I can't remember the name of the song...)
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Trée said...

George Jetson working in a futuristic Waffle House, flipping pancakes. Or maybe, just maybe, they've got him in the back washing dishes. Fascinating colors and texture to these two images.

Have a wonderful weekend my dear Beautiful Soul. Hugs and kisses and love. :-)

Oliviah said...

Now I've got that Jetson song stuck in my mind like an "earworm", as a friend of mine from Germany so eloquently put it. ;) Very funny. Hugs and smooches!

Autumn Storm said...

Love, love, love the poppet's comment! :-D Awesome fractals, Oliviah, love, love, love those too!


Oliviah said...

Here's George Jetson...Jane, his wife! Daughter Judy! Their son Elroy! Hehee! That was such a cute show, I wish they'd put it back on TV. Nice to hear from you Autumn, glad you enjoyed the fractal. :-)

Wontar said...

Funky! Looks like a trippy backdrop to a 60s show.

Oh, and the Dave Matthews song is "Crush".

Oliviah said...

Wontar, thank you! I couldn't think of the name of that song and it was driving me nuts, lol. It's one of my favorite Dave Matthews songs too. :-)

Icarus said...

I've looked at this from both sides now, from up & down, but still somehow....I prefer this way. Like that tecture as seen in the enlarged version.

And who, from this side of the Atlantic, is George Jetson? Did we actually miss something?

Sorry to read there's a problem getting into Time & A Word, Oliviah. What a drag. My upstairs neighbour can't either, so she has to come downstairs & see it on my pc! Shame you can't do that, eh? My eye problem I wrote about in my comment on the previous is preventing me overdoing things on the pc, re. blog visits & postings, but I managed something today. please be welcome to try again. Maybe via the profile?
Keep up your good work,
Besitos e cariño

tsduff said...

It does have a futuristic, Spaceley (oops, I mean spacy) Jetson feel to it :-) and now I'm singing the song too.

Hope you are having one of those "good" days Oliviah.

Oliviah said...

Icarus, there was a popular cartoon show that was on when I was a small child. Futuristic. Funny. They had a robot for a maid, can't think of her name. Machines got them up in the morning, brushed their teeth, gave them showers, fixed their hair and dressed them and sent them on their way, flying through outer space in their little space ships. Same problems as we have today only in a different setting. A really cute show. I'll check in Time and a Word and see how things go. Hugs your heart. Smooches!

Oliviah said...

Terry, thanks, so far, this has been a good one. ;) Can't wait till you get to go on that trip and tell us all about it!

Icarus said...

I'm back to see my heart feels filled to overflowing today, thanks to you and all the gang 'beyond'.
You may say I'm a dreamer........I couldn't possibly comment!
Robot maids in tomorrow's world??? Yep, there'll still be people moaning "You just can't get the staff these days..." :-)))
Get up there and have a giant (((((((O))))))))

Oliviah said...

Kisses to you, sweet one!