Friday, December 30, 2005

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TotalChaos said...

I'e never seen anything like that. I don't have words to describe it, other than Beautiful.

Trée said...

This one is just flat out groovy. Makes me want to dance.

Happy New Year Oliviah. I want to send you a special thank you for changing my life more than any other blogger. I would have never known about fractals without your blog and your name will forever be associated with that discovery for me. For that, I send you a thousand thank yous.

Wishing you much joy and peace in the year to come. You are a special soul sweetie. I think your art speaks for you. Take care my dear sweet friend. :-)

Dzeni said...

This one is really wonderful! It has an amazing depth and texture to it. I hope you have a really good 2006 and am looking forward to more of your magical artwork.

Oliviah said...

Trippy looking, isn't it? I never saw that...well..snakelike (?) pattern before.

Trée, you are a very generous-hearted man. That was such a nice thing to say. For that, I send you a thousand virtual hugs;) And, oh my gosh is your blog incredible! Adding the voice was like the icing on the cake. Good stuff.

Dzeni, right back at you! I hope this year brings you much joy and contentment.