Thursday, December 01, 2005

Wave goodbye
To what you were
The rules have changed
The lines begin to blur

NIN, With Teeth Posted by Picasa


TotalChaos said...

Remember, none of us is what we were, but deep inside, we are still pure.
The rules have changed for all of us, as the years pass by, somtimes we look, and cry, for those days that have gone by.
Keep up your spirits and let your thoughts fly, reach, reach, high to that Fractal try, "Scuse me While I Kiss the Sky".

Trée said...

How can I follow that comment by djb. :-)

Oliviah, you have produced another wonderful image. The light and warm tones, warm colors remind me of time spend as a child on my grandparent's farm. We didn't have much--no hot water, no TV, no air-conditioning (this was in Louisiana), but we had each other. We had love, we had family--sometimes, that wasn't always what we wanted--lol.

I really do wish I could peek over your shoulder to see how you create such wonderful images with Apophysis. Take care my friend. :-)

Jojee said...

Glad to see you back Oliviah :)

I have missed you!

and once again a beautiful piece of art!

jane said...

looks like an oragami stained glass window. I love all of those colors, so warm & autumn like.

Is it my turn to email you or yours to email me?

Fractal Rock said...


That is an amazing fractal! You've been gone for a while; missed you. Of course, I've been gone for a while too, but it looks like we're both back.

By the way, are those lyrics off Nine Inch Nails new CD? I want that CD!!

Oliviah said...

Sometimes this blog is very hard. These fractals are a diary of my life. They say everything and nothing at all. I am grateful that you guys have touched my life.

A huge hug to everyone, I am too full of feelings with too little words. Forgive the inadequacy.

Welcome back Stacey (Fractal Art). Yes, that is NIN latest. And it's GOOD, oh yea!

You can google the lyrics for the whole CD...(saith the NIN junkie)