Tuesday, March 07, 2006

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TotalChaos said...

I love these, B/W, I just can't seem to see mine that way, I try it, but they don't look right to me. Beautiful, Oliviah.

Evydense said...

Is this a fractal?!! It looks like a photograph, it's so fragile but complete to me.

You don't know me, but I check Daddy jarbuck's site regularly, and came here from his site.

I'm bipolar, and am just bouncing through a lot of sites these past few days, and wanted to tell you how great I think that picture is.

I'm going to check if there are some downloadable fractal packages, and play with it myself I think. I'm not artistic, but it seems like a great way to express moods, and some days that's what I feel like doing.

Sorry if that sounded like a rant!


Trée said...

Beautiful as always. This image looks great in black and white--wonderful tonal range.

jane said...

that's so lacey!

Wontar said...

This would make a great sofa-sized framed print. Excellent, excellent B&W graphic!

Jojee said...

I think this is my favorite that you have ever done. So delicate and intricate and full of surprises.