Saturday, March 25, 2006

I don't know where to go....

I don't know where to go
So I guess I'll stay right here

I close the door, I find a chair, I sink
The music's on & I try not to think
About how long it's been that I've been alone
But while the song is on I'll get along

I don't know where to go
So I guess I'll stay right here

I'm at the club, I'm in the crowd alone
I'm waiting for the music to come on
Cause once the song's begun the group is one
And one the song is done the group is gone
The group is gone, the group is gone...

I don't know where to go
so I guess I'll stay right here

Blue Man Group, What Is Rock? (featuring Arone Dyer & Peter Moore) Posted by Picasa


TotalChaos said...

The CD is running the headphones are on, the music is cranked on Bob Dylan, 'Cause this is where I am at this moment, Like a Rolling Stone. Beautiful, and great timing, Oliviah.

JJ said...

Yes...beautiful image & powerful words...

Trée said...

The image and the words fit so well together. The words hit a nerve since I often have no idea of where to go or what to do next.

Oliviah, I really love how different this image is to so many fractals. Excellent work.

jane said...

That's a fractal? Damn! I like the words, reminded me of how disappointed I used to be when 2am would roll around at the night clubs. Back to the emptiness. Glad that was a lifetime ago.

Oliviah said...

I have been playing this song a lot lately. I am on a Blue Man Group kick playing songs from their CD, The Complex. Dave Matthews, Gavin Rossdale, Venus Hum & other musicians did vocals & the lyrics are awesome. I have been waiting to find the right fractal to use for some of the other songs on that CD. There is a video that goes to "Sing Along" with Dave Matthews featured and another with Gavin Rossdale singing "The Current". I think the most feel-good video (and song) from The Complex is "I Feel Love" with Venus Hum. Every time I see that video I get a boost of happy. These videos might still be on the Blue Man Group's website. Wish you all could see "Sing Along" and "I Feel Love".

One of these days I might learn how to put the videos on my blog, now that would be awesome! Sometimes the lyrics alone just don't give the impact that the music does.

And jane, yes, that is a fractal. ;)

Jojee said...

This one shows exactly how I feel right now. If I could just choose which path to travel, everything would be alright.