Monday, May 22, 2006

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Evydense said...

The psychedelic snail!

jane said...

Hey, evydense stole my words! Another beauty, Oliviah.

Sherri said...

Yes that is what I was thinking too. Have a great day Oliviah.

stargazer said...

I so understand insomnia. I mean the severe, chronic type that requires prescription meditcation, not Tylenol PM. One cannot imagine the anxiety and horror of dealing with chronic insomnia unless one experiences it.

After years and years of battling this horrible affliction, I appreciate what you're going through.

But, on the positive side, look at all those BEAUTIFIL works of art you've created. I love them all !!

Trée said...

I can't think of a better description than evydense. Always a pleasure to spend time at your place Oliviah. :-)

Oliviah said...

LOL, psychedelic snail! The moment you named it a snail was created in my mind. The power of words. Too cool.

Actually, this is an expression of the essense of a friend of mine. I like doing these ones of my friends because I see so many things in them that I wish I could show them, like, my God, do you realize how beautiful you all are?

I made this last year but it felt like some element was missing, it was just off somehow. I tweaked it the other day and suddenly, there he was.

Eventually I will make one of you all. Probably more than one. You have so many facets. By the way, do you know you are beautiful?

P.S. Stargazer, thank you for the words of understanding. Somehow it is just kind of soothing to know someone really understands.