Tuesday, May 02, 2006

yay me!

Yay! I fixed the double-space problem between the links! Woo hooo!!! That's been bugging me for a long time & my room mate (A.K.A "Mr. Computer") had no time to show me how to fix it. Well, I did it! And I finally figured out how to add new links, some long, long overdue. "Mr. Computer" always did that stuff before because my comprehension skills were so bad. So check out the new links!

Oh! And I added Zippy the spider (just because I COULD)! So click on the little "more" button & feed the little fellow, how 'bout it?

Why am I so excited about such small accomplishments? Because the fact that I was able to do them can only mean one thing--my brain function is improving!!!! (Dare I hope?)

One of the biggest problems I had besides memory loss was the inability to learn new tasks. Even tiny ones. I have to write everything down to know how to do simple things that the ordinary person does without thought. I noticed lately that I am actually doing things without having to read the notes! That's astounding!!! My memory in general has improved significantly! I still can't remember a lot of things. There's a lot of blank spaces. I think they're permanently erased & maybe it is for the best. Some of the lyrics I wrote during "blank space" times make me shudder. It would be nice to be able to selectively remember--all of the precious & none of the vile.

So here am I, daring to hope my brain will continue to improve.

Happy dance!
lalalalalalalalaaaaaa! Posted by Picasa


sleepless dream said...


does this mean you can maintain my site now? :)

its so great to see you're improving; if you give yourself some time but also take up little challenges, the only way is up!!

great work on this image btw...


Dzeni said...

Well done. I love this fractal, it looks a bit like colourful sea weed :)

jane said...

I fed the spider 2 flies! LOL That's way too cute. To hear you talk about improving is such a wonderful thing. This new design reminds me of (are you ready for this?) an upside psychedelic tree!

Oliviah said...

Hehee! sd, I am having fun with filters with irfanview, thank you!

Dzeni, it does look like seaweed or some kind of mossy stuff. I liked the soft feel to it.

Jane, I fed the spider a bunch of flies yesterday just to watch him mess up his web! A psychedelic tree! Too cool!

TotalChaos said...

Really glad to read this, Oliviah. Hope you continue to do well. Great work. Thanks for the song, I liked it very much.

Trée said...

Love the sense of 3D from this one. Excellent work Oliviah.

Evydense said...

I know what you mean with writing everything down. I make lists all the time to remember things, then I forget where I put them.

Glad to see you're on the road again.