Sunday, August 06, 2006

I can remember sometimes...

As black as the night can get
Everything is safe now
There's always a way to forget
Once you learn to find a way how

In the blur of serenity
Where did everything get lost?
The flowers of naivety
Buried in a layer of frost
The smell of sunshine
I can remember sometimes

NIN, I'm Looking Forward to Joining You Posted by Picasa


stargazer said...

These last two images are so striking. They are bold and electrically charged, so full of energy. Your words run deep, equally charged with many levels of intensity.


WOW! I love the black and whites. These last two make me want to fight back, like pow, something really strong emotionally. I can't explain it I guess, but they are very stirring.

Evydense said... they said. The thing I really like about your postings is how you manage to find exactly the right words or lyrics to go along with the fractal. It's like you're giving the fractal its own character, and adds so much more to it all the time.

Reflex said...

I remember the time I used to hear NIN.

Autumn Storm said...

'WOW' at the last three fractals (in particular & 'Losing ground')!

TotalChaos said...

Great words with a great fractal.

Trée said...

An exotic centipede, with a bit of a bite if you are not careful. Love this series of b/w's. :-)

sleepless dream said...

beautiful frames - they contain so much energy and delicacy at the same time... i really like the words


jane said...

These black/whites are absolutely fantastic! I think I prefer these to the colored ones.