Saturday, November 04, 2006


My heart is gray with bird-wings going south on the north wind
Gray with a dark sky leaning on dark water
My heart is gray with a bare tree standing dumb on a hilltop
Between me and a chill evening sky.
I would warm myself with thoughts of white--blossomed cherry trees
Holding still their white pitchers
For the drip of May moonlight,
I would comfort myself with the memory of the clean yellow bowls of May mornings--
But the wind throws itself on the cold road
And a swirl of dead leaves would choke me,
Holding me straight to November.
It's a gray road that goes over the hills,
It's a frozen gray moon that it leads to,
And only a gray heart can make songs for it's liking.

From The North-east Corner by Frederick R. McCreary Posted by Picasa


Mile Stones said...

Yes, i have to tell you that that isthe colour I woke up to this morning! And yesterday. And tomorrow. A thick solid curtain of grey (Brit spelling), which makes everything & everyone seem grey. My least favourite colour. But never mind, I feel ok and hope you do even more!

Anonymous said...

I think this one is wonderful! Its a real challenge to do greyscale work and this image looks really good. Describes the mood / weather too. Of course if you come down to New Zealand, we are in summer mode now and it rocks!

tsduff said...

That is an interesting poem. I think that picture looks like nerve highways - with neurons traveling along them inside your brain or something. My hair is gray - or rather silver as I like to call it. Gray is one of my favorite colors - don't know why. I like to wear it, and I like to see it. Gray days aren't bad really most of the time.