Thursday, November 02, 2006

pink horror!!! (cover your eyes Jenni!!!)

I meant to post this on halloween but I forgot. Creepy looking, isn't it?

Attack of the hideously pink blobby stuff!!
um...a few days late!
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Oliviah said...

Yuck :/

This was a crisp looking image before I posted it. Not my taste at all, but at least it was crisp. Wonder why it got blurry. I think I will have to delete this after a day or two because it truly jars on the senses--but first! you must submit to my belated Halloween Horror!! The Attack of the Hideously Pink Fractal!! My God, this is one ugly fractal. LOL!

TotalChaos said...

If this was larger and you compressed it to this size, the reds and blues don't like to be compressed.This is almost like the movie, "The Blob".

tsduff said...

ooooouuuu - looks like blue spidy webs - a whole veil of them. Awesome!!!!! Colors are vivid yes, but who says they don't make a fabulous picture!?

Anonymous said...

I tried covering my eyes, but could still see the pink. Aaargh the pink!

The title made me smile though :)

Anonymous said...

Oliviah, I actually like this picture, pink and all. Wish you, my beautiful soul, a weekend filled with wonder and joy. :-)

Evydense said...

A lava lamp, for sure. Does anyone still remember those, or am I dating myself!!

Mile Stones said...

I really like this one too. It is radically different and it certainly conveys its own message to me. Except I don't really want to say what that is, sorry! It works, so leave it in! More when I find a little time....Hope you are doing fine! XXX