Thursday, April 07, 2005

drifting...outside of the box Posted by Hello


Zalmaki said...

Ah yes, the infamous "box". I run into that effect every now and then while working with flame fractals. Do you have any idea why it crops up?

Oliviah said...

Only vague notions...hoping to find out in one of the tutorials or I might ask on the apophysis help/support list. ( ) Usually I make alterations to get rid of them but I kind of liked the effect this one had as I was "dissolving" it...seemed the perfect image of breaking free from rigidity in thought..drifting out of "the box".

Zalmaki said...

Yep. I can see exactly what you mean--it really works here. Reminds me of grammar's role in fiction writing: normally, like that "box", grammatical errors only mess things up and detract from the story's flow and credibility. However, if done properly, sparingly, and only for effect, bending and breaking the rules of grammar can be incredibly effective.

The message? Know the rules, then break them.