Thursday, October 13, 2005

Here is another set of examples of what you can create with Apophysis. The possiblities are endless. These images barely scratch the surface of what can be tweaked from a random batch of squiggly lines. I hope that all of you who are trying out Apophysis for the first time are already seeing from your own creatings the radically different effects you can get just from changing gradients or from moving a triangle. From soft and sensuous effects to harsh to things that look like they have emerged from a freaky sci-fi world. Welcome to the world of Apophysis! Posted by Picasa


Trée said...

Thank you my dear sweet loving Oliviah for introducing me to this program. I think I'm starting to experience what daddyjarbucks calls "mind melt."

Is there an antidote? ;-)

TotalChaos said...

I think it is great, that you have put up collages of your work to show some of the infinte variations, that can be done, with this program. Beautiful.

jane said...

those make me wish i could just touch them. believe it or not, for some reason i'm nervous about trying it more. the ones i do are just so blah. yours are beautiful, beautiful art.

jojee said...

I must admit, Oliviah I am now hooked and it is all your fault!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for that :)

Latou said...

I use Apo a lot - it's one of my favourite programs ever. Oliviah, yours are just gorgeous. I so love the one at the top right of the first collage. Please, please post a bit bigger version.

Oliviah said...

Tree, you must get a gallery, what you are creating is absolutely gorgeous! No antidotes for you mister!! ;)

daddyjarbucks, you are the king of color!

Jane, whenever we do talk I can give you some easy tips on Apophysis. Hard to imagine anything you created being "blah", lol!

Jojee, I am glad you are enjoying this and how neat that your son is having so much fun, too!

Latou, I will post that image for you. I have been a bit ill and not been active on the blog. What a nice feeling that you liked one enough to request it be posted larger. Thank you!