Thursday, January 19, 2006

one of three

This is the third gradient change on the same flames below. I think I like this one best. Posted by Picasa


Wontar said...

I like this one the best, too. Great colors! I think it would make a good illustration/cover for a book about life after death or near death experiences.

Trée said...

Oliviah, you never cease to amaze me with your talent. I like them all, but like wontar, I think this one is the most appealing. Wonderful work dear. Just fantabulous. :-)

Oliviah said...

Oops, I posted the blue one twice! Oh well, I deleted the extra one.

Wontar, that evoked a positive image of life after death or near death experiences. I'm glad you thought of that.

Thank you, Trée. I like the word "fantabulous" :)

Daddyjarbucks, your comment got deleted when I removed the extra post. I'm sorry about that. I notice that you tend to see some of the same things I do in these flames.


stargazer said...

They are all BEAUTIFUL images. I do like the colors in this one the best. It's quite stunning! Oliviah, your creations are excellent.

Trée said...

Oliviah, just wanted to stop by again to see this wonderful image and wish you a great rest of the weekend. You are a special one and I hope someone is telling you that everyday. I know souls sweetie, and you got a rare and special one. Love, hugs and kisses.

Oliviah said...

One of these days I am gonna learn how to make the kind of images that you make Stargazer. (I hope!)

Trée, now that just made my day (or night rather). You are such a sweetie, thank you:)