Friday, June 09, 2006

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stargazer said...

I always love the colors you use; they are so vibrant. To me, this is the top view of a gorgeous forest found in another land.

Trée said...

Wow, my first thought was stained glass. Then my second thought was very close to Deb's in that I felt like I was looking up into the canopy of a magical forest. Either way this is one drop-dead gorgeous image Oliviah. Beautiful work!

sleepless dream said...

impressive and yet subtle
what a gorgeous frame!


Oliviah said...

You two just helped me decide which image I am posting next~ ;)

I haven't named a picture lately because of my befuddled head. This flame is zoomed slightly. I still dream of the day when they find a way to set it where you can zoom to your hearts content without maddeningly long render times.

sleepless dream...has an enigmatic name & an equally enigmatic and magical site. I hope everyone goes to look. What sd does with photography is so hauntingly beautiful, so mystically alluring it makes you hungry for more. Be sure to say I sent you! :)

TotalChaos said...

To me, the sun shining down on the walk, through the limbs of trees on the fallen leaves.