Thursday, June 22, 2006


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Trée said...

Very interesting image. I think your title fits it perfectly. Have a weekend filled with wonder Oliviah. :-)

Trée said...

I like this image more and more. Thinking of you and wishing you a weekend filled with wonder and joy and love Oliviah. Peace my friend.

Evydense said...

This one looks like a whole lot of fun!! People dancing, visiting, laughing with each other. You seem to catch the neatest emotions in your work (or should I say 'play'), you know that?

.:Infektia:. said...

wow....u r artistic...u can get anything out of anything...magical!

Evydense said...

I just wanted to say...yesterday when I kept looking at this, I thought it was super. Today, it's grabbing me even more. There's something unique about it that is really appealing, but I can't exactly put my finger on what it is. Intriguing! Can I steal it for my desktop for awhile?

Jason Ertel said...

Your works are excellent! Great taste in music too!


Sherri said...

Fascinating image...good caption too.

TotalChaos said...

Look somewhat like award ribbons to me. Great work.

Oliviah said...

trée, this is one of the images I made when I first got Apophysis. It made me uncomfortable because it looked like children being intimidated and broken by an adult towering menacingly over them. I found myself going back to it and staring at it every now and then. I decided to post it and see what other people saw when looking at it.

evydense, isn't that something how radically different you viewed this image? I like the way you perceived it better. :) Feel free to use it.

infektia, thank nice to have you visit my blog. I appreciate your comment.

jason, sometimes I think the music makes the fractals. Thank you~

sherri, I hope you are doing well. I am hopping over to your blog later tonight to see how things are going.

daddy, I am glad you saw award ribbons instead of what I saw in the image. ;)

hugs and hugs to everyone~