Friday, March 30, 2007

if at first you don't succeed

just another test...
(Fractal Forge)
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Oliviah said...

Well, that went well! :)


Trée said...

Ooooh, I like this one. I feel like I've been shrunk and I'm in the forest of the back of my dog's spine. :-D

Oliviah said...

Trée, you never cease to make me smile. And what a cute pup dog it is that you have! LOL! "The forest of the back of my dog's spine." What imagery!


Dzeni said...

Its pretty! Glad the test was a success :)

Michael said...

Very cool

Take Care

Oliviah said...

*oops--that was made with Fractal Explorer, not Fractal Forge.

TotalChaos said...

Very nice, Oliviah. Sort of with trée on this one, although I thought it was my unkempt hair. :D
Thank you for stopping by, and have a good glass of Kool-Aid.

Icarus said...

So you are now back on track? End of virtual head-ache? Sure hope so!!

Oliviah said...

Mr.Chaos, I am sipping a tall, iced grape kool-aid right now, as a matter of fact, lol! Good to see you~

Icarus, my mind seems a lot more focussed lately, I am actually learning some things. (Yay!)

I still haven't found a new neurologist, (which really worries me out on my bad days)--it's in my primary physician's hands now and I hope they have more success at finding me one than I did.

Icarus...hmm...I wonder why you chose that must tell me. :)

Hugs and smoochies~~