Thursday, March 29, 2007

test, test, test, test (darn it!) test!

This is a test. I just wrote a post, (which is very hard for me to do!) and it didn't post so I feel frustrated and tired. Writing a post takes a lot out of me. The last time I tried to write a post the same thing happened. I feel like pounding my head on the table. Wonder if this one will post.
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Oliviah said...

Lovely. It didn't post the image, which was a rather cool looking bunch of stars. Pretend it's there. Feel free to make it your new favorite image! :-P

I am fed up with fooling with Picasa. It does not display png's well and I can't get it to post properly.

Anyone know of a better option that is simple to work? I need something that I can use while I am rendering fractals, to see immediately if they are looking the way I want. And--I'd like to be able to actually POST my images and thoughts (if I ever have a thought) on blogspot.

Irfanview won't show them immediately as I render them, I have to search through files, (the image doesn't pop up after rendering like it does with Picasa). But I need to be rendering png's, not jpgs. Picasa does not display png's well at all. Bleh.

Help me, if you please!

Hugs and smoochies


mackeydoodle said...

You can post your images with Blogger. You don't need anyone else to host them.

Icarus said...

Gooooooooooooood Morning Olivianita!
Oh, do I feel your frustration, having had the same experience, that sense of betrayal, with Picasa too many times. It can make you feel sick in your gut, that you have spent time producing something unique, investing time in it, only for it to vanish, or freeze somewhere between the software and the blogsite.
One primary question: is your posting method to use "Blog This", direct from Picasa?
Don't let it bring you down! I've had fun with my imagination. I see a very strong Gustav Klimt influence on light orange stars in a very day-blue sky. And I've had nothing except strawberries, kiwi & liquid yoghurt this morning! Double helping of smoochies to you SXXXXX

Oliviah said...

Macky and Stewart, thank you. :)

And yes, my main way of posting has been to use "blog this" straight from Picasa. Is this where I am going wrong? I hope not, it sure would be the easy way to post----if it only were to work!! ;)

Icarus said...

Oliviah, when I had to change to the new blogger, I went through months of this problem. The only way to post - and so painfully,tediously slow - was to avoid "Blog This" and export stuff to another "C" folder. Then, start the post from the dashboard and upload the images from the folder into it. Like I said, terribly slow. However, by some weird miracle, this past week, Blog This has become OK, quick, trouble-free and the process all looks different. In other words, it is behaving just like they say it should.
What did I do? Well, one thing was to sign out and sign in again to the account. Something in the Help pages led me to that. It seems worth a try. You might have to re-do the original settings from your dashboard - profile,for example. Do take a calm leisurely look at those help pages, the ones about "My post won't upload". I hope it works, even the export route would be better than nothing.
And have a fine weekend! (((((XXX))))
S with *smiles*

TotalChaos said...

I have never rendered png's and my few tries at Picasa, were a bust. I always render to a folder in My Documents, folder matches the Version of Apo. that I am using. Such as I now use Apo 2.05 Z+ beta2 C++. I mainly put them into those files, becaus I take them to PSP to put my Sig on them.I know that you can also use Flicker to put your pix into your blog. I don't know which types of files they allow though.