Wednesday, March 14, 2007

lost parameters

Still going through file after file trying to find the parameters for this ONE flame that I love so much. I need to redo my parameter files one by one. Gather hands everybody and sing a little song with me: Leedle deedle deedle dee, come on, sing along with me, leedle deedle deedle do, if you don't save them woe is you (um...too, heh) That was some right good singin' now wasn't it?
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Trée said...

Dear Beautiful Soul, the more I look at fractal images, the more I know them to be like fingerprints. Like fingers, we all have the same program, yet like our prints, we all produce images that are uniquely us. When I come to your blog, I see you, in these images and I know I am looking at an Oliviah image, which is to say, I'm looking at beauty personified, I'm looking at images that bring me peace and tranquility, and for those that simply must have more, tranquillity. :-D

Thank you for sharing your soul and with your soul your beauty with us. I never tire of coming here and just hanging out and just looking and absorbing and wondering and caring and wishing. Much love to you. :-)

sleepless dream said...

immensely beautiful and personal as tree says... intriguing creation that i would mind having in my room wall, daily!


Oliviah said...

sd, I have searched my computer over and over trying to find the parameters for this fractal for that very same reason. I wanted to have it resized then blown up larger and put on my living room wall, lol! Oh well, a lost parameter mystery. They appear to be utterly gone. Sigh!