Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Almost looks like candy to me----click the image

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runnerfrog said...

See the marks on the bolts? I chew them after confusing them with candy.

Oliviah said...

Tsk, tsk! That's bad for your teeth!! Hehee! Actually, I posted the wrong one, but I still like this one. The one I wanted to post looks a lot like this but the rust color of the bolts look kind of clear and "yummy", lol. This shot will just have to do.

There's a story to this set of pictures, involving me in a black skirt, a cop, a water supply system that I just HAD to take pictures of on my way home from the doctors office. Ha. I just told the story. More or less. :D

mackeydoodle said...

Hi Oliviah!! So nice to have you back!!!!

sleepless said...

mmmm eye candy - symmetrical like a fractal isn't it?
great to sample the real world around you :)

goatman said...

Having worked in power plant constuction I recognize this as flange bolting on a pump or pressure-retaining device.
Beautiful picture of this; I think the red stuff is a thread compound designed to keep the nuts from backing off of the bolts during vibration.
You have transformed a mundane object into a work of art. Welcome to Andy Warhol world.

Oliviah said...

Hi Mackeydoodle--it's so good to BE back. xo

Oliviah said...

sd, it's delicious. ;)

Oliviah said...

goatman, well, that is interesting. I just knew it was something that needed it's picture taken very badly. It must be what you said it is because it was something to do with a water supply system and had a bunch of pipe things and (I think) some pressure guages.

I took pictures of the whole thing first, the sides, then climbed on top of it to get some shots from that angle. That was the best angle by far, but unfortunately, that was when the cop pulled over & asked for my id. (Some issue about Homeland Security.)

Adding to my stress, I found it wasn't as easy climbing down as it was climbing up because heat and exertion make me weak, it took a lot more effort to avoid exposing myself than it did climbing up.

Anyway, once he checked my driver's license he came back and said it was ok, he said that I could take as many pictures as I wanted but by then I was worn slap out. But I had plenty of pictures so I was a happy camper and that was nice of him anyway.

Trée said...

O, this photo has a wonderful dreamy appearance and is framed perfected. Your eye for finding and creating beautiful art is unsurpassed. The photos and fractals you have posted here over the last few years have been nothing short of gallery worthy and showcase ready. You, my dear beautiful soul have a gift; and I feel very lucky and very fortunate that you share it here. I would hug you to pieces if I could. Thank you for being you my dear beautiful soul.


Oliviah said...

And Trée, YOU my dear, have been a gift that I always treasure. Not just "The Story" that you post or the amazing fractals and artwork you use to illustrate but how much of your heart and soul you lay bare in your work. And I think that is the secret to why "The Story" has such a deep effect on all of us who read it. Much gratitude and love to you. xo


tsduff said...

You were worn slap out? HA HA, I'll have to remember that expression. It's great.

You do have an eye for nice pictures and yes, a different and most unusual perspective.

Oliviah said...

"A different and most unusual perspective", lol! I guess you pretty much nailed me--just a few minutes ago the paper shredder broke & my room mate opened it & pronounced it dead......and when I saw it's teeth and those gears and some bright copper wire sticking out I said, "Oooh...get me the camera!"'s what I've been doing.

You know how kids tend to grow out of the "Oooh, look at this!!" stage? I kind of got stuck there.

It both amuses and annoys people. wears them slap out, heh.

Anonymous said...

I especially love the compostion on this one! the way it winds and leads the eye...very nice

It does look like candy doesn't it? joey

Oliviah said...

Thanks Joey. That whole structure (the water supply system thing I was taking pictures of) had things that were so fascinating to me that they were absolutely delicious. Yep. I don't see stuff like that every day. The nuts and bolts on this almost looked like they were glowing with that rust color and the metal looked kind of like it was dusted with silver powder.

(I suppose you don't see a lady in a skirt climb on of one of these things every day & start snapping pictures either. Come to think of it, now THAT would have been a funny thing to take a picture of.)