Thursday, September 29, 2005

Fractal Explorer and Apophysis Posted by Picasa


Countess Demetria said...

Wow all those images are AWESOME!!

Did you make those images yourself?
Where did you get the images?
Do you use a computer graphics program? Or are they drawn or painted then scanned in?

Keep up the GREAT work!


jane said...

as you create these, i keep changing my favorites. now THIS one is my favorite. (until the next)

TotalChaos said...
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TotalChaos said...

Oliviah, I am having difficulty finding new words to describe, your works of Beauty. Anyhow: WOW

I had to delete the post above, due to not proofreading.

Trée said...

I see the utter chaos of my life in this picture. Why do we see ourselves in everything rather than see the thing itself? I have no answer, only questions and pain. Thanks for another beautiful work of art.


Can you make this one into a queen sized bedspread right quick? LOL!

Jojee said...

I asked my 5 year old son to tell me what he saw in each of the fractals. I hope you enjoy his comments. Some of them were really insightful.
My posts about the other fractals will just start out like this:
Brandon says:

I see a monkey with circle eyes and a circle mouth.

TotalChaos said...
Hopefully, this will take you there. Oliviah

Walter Jeffries said...

You have some beautiful pieces here! How about publishing them in 1024x768 or larger size so your fans can enjoy them as desktop backgrounds, wall papers and screen saves? I really like the green shrub.

Oliviah said...

Countess, I use several different programs to make them. These are freeware programs and a lot of fun to use. Apophysis, Fractal Explorer and Ultra Fractal are the main ones I used for these on the blog. Fun, fun, fun! I wish everyone would download them and give them a shot. The easiest to use is Apophysis. (IMO)

Tree, I think the wonderful thing about these images are that they express something unique to whoever looks at them. Interestingly enough though, in this case, the words you used to describe what you saw in this image is exactly what I was feeling when I tweaked it and posted it. I felt it so intensely I did not post words with it. I do love your comments.

Jojee, that was fun going through the images and seeing what your son saw in them. I loved especially the comment he made about the picture of me and my daughter. Melted my heart.

Daddyjarbucks, that was just plain cool--you made my day. I am so glad you downloaded Fractal Explorer. Yay for you! Happy fractaling!

Walter, I have no idea how to publish them larger, lol!

Walter Jeffries said...

Do you upload your images via the web interface (dashboard)? If so then create your imageas at 1024x768 or what ever large size you want and then when you upload the image blogger creates a small version to display in the blog plus a big copy that people can get to by clicking on the image in the blog. That is how I do it. While you're at it, you might put a small print letters of your blog address in the lower left corner or such. Then when people use it as a desktop they get reminded of you.