Saturday, September 17, 2005

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TotalChaos said...

Very well done, It seems to want to look into my very soul. A part of me, I don't want anyone to know. Even I try not to go there.

jane said...

sad girl

ChickyBabe said...

Very original!

Oliviah said...

Yesterday I made myself look deep into my own eyes. This time I didn't look quickly away, turn my back on myself and slam the door & say, "noo, with you later!" I am running out of "laters". I made myself sit there and look.

I felt wave after wave of buried feelings I won't describe. But maybe because I dared to look long enough, the feeling that most overwhelmed me most of all was compassion. I never had the courage to look that deeply in my eyes before. So I posted them on here where I will see them for a while.

If the essence of inhumanity is indifference, then I must not be indifferent, not even to me. I lose more memory every day. But feelings seem to remain. If all memory ends up erased, I do not want these feelings to be what consists of my existence.

As Jewel sang, "We've gotta start feeding our souls..."

"little sister is a zombie in a body with no soul; a role she has learned to play in a world today where nothing else matters--but it matters! We've gotta start feeding our souls...not our addictions or afflictions of pain to avoid the same questions we must ask ourselves to get any answers...We gotta start feeding our souls." (Little Sister, from Pieces Of You)

I hold my own heart in my hands; always did, didn't know it. It takes guts to love another person. Sometimes it takes even more to love our own selves.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Did I mention I love art?

Not only do you love Art, but you are the soul of the spirit of Art.

Surrealism of the heart and soul of the spirit in transit.

Genius unleashed.

Los said...

Very nice

melly said...

Hi Olivia,
It's my first time here so forgive the ignorance but are you the one creating all these wonderful pictures/artwork?
They're amazing, and it's obvious put a lot of thought into them.

Oliviah said...

Melly, yes...using Apophysis mostly. (but not for the image of my eyes) If you click on the links I have listed, such as Fractal Rock and Not Quite Perfect you will see more of this type art. daddyjarbucks uses Apophysis as well. I need to add some new links to my list I see! Apophysis is a very easy to use free program. I am glad you enjoy these images!

Day Dreamer said...


ME Strauss said...

Lovely, intense, but not intimidating. A person lives behind those eyes. Well done.