Monday, April 23, 2007

belated update: fun with lumbar punctures!

I think I will name this fractal, The Ribbon of Life and put it's shadow on my Shocking Oliviah blog.

Oh yes, the update on my neurological adventures. I think I will write about it in the comments since Blogger eats my posts like candy. But first, I better post it's shadow on the other blog before I forget.

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Oliviah said...

I almost forgot (again!) to write the update on my neurological adventures.

I thought I was doing amazingly well. I've been learning things & retaining the knowledge, my comprehension level has improved radically. A very productive time. Multi-tasking, even! Felt confident enough about how things were going brain-wise to start the other blog.

But odd things were happening at the same time, or rather, mingled in all that good stuff, that was not so good. I don't think I really comprehended anything bad (out of the ordinary) was going on. Well, I did, but then I forgot it.

I do remember on one of those days I felt something go "pop" in the top left side of my head and I had trouble talking right, couldn't walk right, kept falling down and I couldn't type or write. Reading over this paragraph makes me feel such a sense of unreality.

A friend called 9-11, tests were done to ruled out stroke and accidental overdose. Then the Dr. said if it was a burst anuerism, the blood probably had already passed by now but thought it was possible that a lumbar puncture might could still show blood in the spinal fluid. If they found blood they would search for the anuerism. (BTW: lumbar punctures do not hurt at all!)

The spinal fluid showed no blood so he said he thought what was happening to me was part of the progression of the neurodegenerative disease. Fun.

My primary care physician said that she was going to see to it that I got a neurologist. Yeah, yeah. Heard that before.

But... I still think that regaining the ability to LEARN stuff is a good sign. :P

Autumn Storm said...

Thanks for the update, Oliviah. Wonderful to hear how well you have been doing, most definitely a good sign! (and we sure are enjoying that 2nd blog :-))
Hoping this time will be different and the doc keeps her word.

Hugs to you, sweetie.

Trée said...

Oliviah, thanks for the update. Always here if you need me. Sending all my love and a few hugs too. Take care my dear Beautiful Soul. :-)

Oliviah said...

Thank you Autumn! I am so excited about this new comprehension thing that I forget to be frightened about the new negative stuff. Now I get the opportunity to study some things that totally fascinate me that I have missed so much, like archeology and ancient history. I love, love, love looking at ancient ruins and seeing their technological brilliance, then being amazed again that there are people who think that the ancients were backwards and dull of mind. :)

Oliviah said...

Trée, thank you for those hugs--and here are some for you! xoxoxox