Monday, April 30, 2007

wood, paper or fabric

This is not exactly the prettiest of fractals but it is one that has always made me pause and wonder. The first thing I wonder is why on earth I have kept it. Then I find myself wondering things like, what is it that this reminds me of? And, does this image look like weakness or strength? Like something that is beginning to tear or something torn that is almost healed? What do you think?
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TotalChaos said...

This reminds me of wood. As a photomicrograph of a slice of wood under tremendous pressure. The yellow bands appear to be compression. The red and blue make me think of stress fractures beginning to let go, but still hanging on.

Somewhat like our lives, we bend, we get fractured, but we still hang on and become stronger.

Anonymous said...

The wood is one person's life. The blue cracks, are like the marks left on us thru life. Whether they are from hurts or sorrows, or dreams once lost. The verticle strips--those are the times we have overcome. When we take a step back, and we see all the times we have overcome, we realize....Life can be sweet. We find comfort in seeing the verticle lines because it is a reminder of how loved we are!
Such a beautiful fractal Oli-thank you!

Trée said...

Looks like wood with a sunburn to me. :-)

Interesting image. Does make you stare and stare and has a strangely wonderful wabi sabi meets Andy Warhol feel to it. :-D

Oliviah said...

Oh, that is really interesting (and educational!) I like your analogy, it's very positive.

Oliviah said...

Stormy, what a sweet philosophy that is. It sure has made that fractal look better in my eyes, lol! I enjoyed reading your thoughts and I'm glad you liked the fractal.

Oliviah said...

Trée, that was funny! Your imagination never ceases to entertain me. :P

Michael said...


Take Care

Oliviah said...

Hugs to you Michael