Thursday, April 26, 2007

In Memory of Brian

Thank you for all that you have done for me and taught me since I met you. The wisdom have shared with me will continue to guide me throughout the rest of my life.
You will be missed by many. In loving memory, W. H.
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Oliviah said...
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Oliviah said...

This tribute was written by my room mate, whose friend passed away last night leaving a wife and three children. Brian was many things beyond important to my room mate, and being a great mentor was one of those things. The things he taught my room mate gave new meaning and significance to his life. But mostly, it was in the way Brian lived his life that touched his life.

Trée said...

Dear Beautiful Soul, thanks for sharing words and thoughts from the heart that give pause.

goatman said...

A fitting tribute.
And a wonderful fractal assemblage. I have never seen the detail and intricacy which this one displays.
Thanks for visiting my blog by the way. You are always welcome.

Oliviah said...

Thank you Trée

Goatman, I am glad you visited. This fractal was made with Fractal Forge. Most of the fractals on this blog are made with Apophysis and Fractal Explorer though. My room mate selected this particular fractal out of the thousands I have.

`NEFTY said...

May he rest in peace<3

Autumn Storm said...

Beautiful tribute, Oliviah. So sorry for your loss, xoxo

Icarus said...

Just seeing this now, it really seems like the dates, 25, 26 April are ruled over by some dark shadow. A lot of departures, but there's also new life. so I had to address it on Time & A Word. Completed turns of the circle, maybe better for the departed, but an altered landscape for those left behind - which is what hurts.
Peace & health, Oliviah.

Oliviah said...

I appreciate your thoughts, Autumn and Nefty. Stewart, you are right about those altered landscapes left behind. I read what you wrote on Time And A Word about circles and thought it was a good way of looking at these things. I was thinking of you today, how nice to see you visited. Warm hugs to your heart.