Friday, April 13, 2007

magical garden

Fractal Explorer
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Michael said...


Take Care

Trée said...

This image feels alive, as if each one of those feathery tentacles is waving to and fro, pulling me deeper and deeper into the image. :-)

Have a great weekend my dear Beautiful Soul.

Oliviah said...

I'm not sure which I am more addicted to, Fractal Explorer or Apophysis.

Good to hear from you both, many hugs to you :)

jane said...

Sometimes it's so hard to come up with words to describe what I want to say. This reminds me of some elaborate ceiling fans that would be found in Egypt or some exotic land. Very, very rich colors.
Your work is amazing!

runnerfrog said...

Ooohhh, that gives me strong inspiration, I'm already working in a vegetal-mineral genetic algorithm. Eventually something good will come out from that.
It is great finding inspirational works. :-)

tsduff said...

Pretty picture - remindes me of a story book I read as a child where children were bug-sized, and walked through a forest of landscaping... great fantasy! How are you doing?

Oliviah said...

Hey you! I'm glad you enjoyed the fractal. (will have to pop over to your blog and do some vicarious living, hehee) I put an update about how the neurological stuff is going but deleted it with a fractal I posted that particularly irritated me. I will re-post it. Good to hear from you!

Lauren said...

I agree with tsduff. The first thing I thought was that it was like I was laying on the ground of a forest and looking up, maybe like an Alice and wonderland forest